Wedge Direct Injection

a. Prevents wounds.

b. Protects trees vitality

c. Multiple injections can be injected & because the tip is so tiny & non-invasive one can be assured that these injections will NOT do harm to the tree!

a. Children, Pets, & the Environment are NOT exposed to restricted chemicals sprays or containers.

b. No need to cover up or clean up after direct injections/ there is no drift or mist to     contaminate our beautiful enviroment

c. Chemicals are safely placed directly inside the vascular system of the tree/ rift or chance of contamination to our enviroment

a. Injections are directly placed in the tree's vascular system where the tree needs it & therefore the tree can immediately absorb it & the injection will begin to work where it is needed.

b.  Provides quick control, generally 2 to 5 days

c.  Most injections provide season-long control

a.  Insecticides control Destructive Insects & Pests from destroying a tree; Insect like:

1.  Emerald Ash Bores, Aphids, Mites, Psyllids & many other insects can be treated and managed 97% of the time

2. Other Destructive Insects and Pests:

Alder-Birch Borer
Aphids Armored Scales (suppression)
Black Vine Weevil
Bronze Birch Borer
ElmLeaf Beetle
Emerald Ash Bore
Flathead Bores
Gypsy Moth
Hemlock Wolly
Japenese Beetles
Lace Bugs
Lepidoptera Insects
Mimosa Webworm
Pine Bark Beetles
Pine Needle Scale
Pine Tip Moth Larva
Pine Wilt
Royal Palm Bugs
Sawfly Larva
Soft Scale Insects
Sphinx Caterpillars
Tent Caterpillars
Thrips (suppression)
Whiteflies Pointer

b. Fungicides control Destructive Diseases from damaging a tree; diseases like

1. Oak wilt disease, Dutch Elm diseases, Certain Crabapple diseases & many more:

 Anthracnose in Sycamore

Beech Decline


Crabapples Leaf Disease

Dutch Elm Disease (preventative)

Leaf Diseases of Many Trees

Oak Wilt (preventative)

c.  Nutrients can help strength the health of the trees

1.  Make trees greener, leaves increase in size, quantity & have healthier blooms

2. Helps with trees ability to deal with stress damage

d.  Growth Regulators

1.  Reduces the trees size so it doesn’t crowd other trees out, buildings, power lines or etc…

2.  One can use a growth inhibitor to reduces the tree size so it doesn’t block a beautiful scenic view. Growth Inhibitors slow the growth process in trees without doing any harm to the trees. Nutrients promote good health throughout a trees entire vascular system.

Pinscher Regulators help control Messy flowering and/or non-edible fruit clean-up

1. Pinscher Injections greatly reduce flowering and/or non-edible fruit  dropping without compromising or damaging the health of the tree.