Safety is Our Top Priority!

safety-firstTrimming & removing trees is the most dangerous professions in the U.S. with over 36,000 amateur or untrained personnel being injured or killed by doing tree work they were not qualified to do. We do our best to advise customers that they should NOT hire amateurs to do their tree work, because the risk of injury or death or damage to other property is just too high. Just because a person leads you to believe they are a tree expert, demand proof.  A professional tree expert will supply you with proof that they are an International Certified Arborist and that they are FULLY INSURED.

Safety is essential in this type of work & that is why we choose to abide and adhere to the State of Illinois & State of Missouri’s contractor mandates plus we choose to go beyond those guidelines to ensure we have supplied our employees’ with top notch safety training and skills to handle any situation that could arise. We make sure all our employees abide by OSHA Federal Safety Regulations for the benefit of our employees safety & for the public’s safety.  Our employees are certified through the American Red Cross in First Aid and CPR. Our tree care service takes part in the U.S. Federal Substance Abuse policy, in which our employees are randomly tested. Our employees are E-Verified to ensure they are qualified to work in this area.

And finally, we are fully insured. We carry the following insurance policies: worker’s compensation, property damage, personal liability, and full coverage on our vehicles & equipment just in case there is an accident. Certified proof of Insurance is available for all customers.

Larry is an International Certified Arborist (# IL4718A) with over 30 years of knowledge, experience & training to ensure he gives his customers the best tree care available. Larry is also Licensed/Certified with the State of  Illinois, Department of Agriculture to purchase & apply Restricted Chemicals to increase the health and/or prevent disease in trees. To confirm Larry is an International Certified Arborist go to: or feel free to ask Larry  to provide you with a copy of his certification from the International Society of Arboriculture.

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